Live API Examples

Live API Examples

The Live API example lessons are presented as a series of Live Sets. The sets provide content and specific configurations that show off the Live API, so we advise opening the sets before trying the example devices in your own set. The example devices are fully functional but in some cases require specific hardware or Live document configurations before they will do anything.

Finding the Live API examples

  • In Live's View menu, select Help View to display the Help panel in the Live application window.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Help View and click on the Packs button to display all of the lessons available for your installed Packs. Choose M4L Building Tools to see the availble API lessons.
  • When the Building Tools lessons are displayed, you can select from the links at the bottom of the pane to proceed to a lesson. Each lesson contains a Live Set that will provide access to the device and supporting material.

Live API example descriptions

The Live API tutorial lessons are the following:

  • Apple Remote: Demonstrates how to use an Apple Remote to control clip navigation and triggering
  • Clip-Operations: Manipulations on MIDI and audio clips
  • CS Step Sequencer: A step sequencer that interfaces with control surfaces such as the APC-40
  • MIDI-Note-Operations: Powerful editing of MIDI note sequences
  • Video-Theremin: Using Jitter-based video input to control an audio instrument

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