Audio Effect Building Blocks

Audio Effect Building Blocks

The Max for Live Building Tools Live Pack contains a set of fully functional Audio Effect devices that provide examples of various kinds of operations and processes. You can use these patches in series in your Live Session, or edit and recombine them to make your own devices.

Live Suite owners can download this Live Pack by choosing Your Account > Your Packs when logged in to the Ableton website and clicking on the download button to the Live Pack. To install the Live Pack, double-click on the .alp file

The pack can also be retrieved using the Available Packs link in the Places folder of the Live browser.

Finding the Audio Effect Building Blocks

  • After you have installed the Live Pack, click on the Packs button in Live's File browser to display the list of currently installed Live Packs. In the column to the right, click on the arrow to the left of the M4L Building Tools folder to show the Live Pack contents.
  • Click on the arrow to the left of the folder marked M4L Building Tools to show the available folders. Select the Max Audio Effects folder from within the Building Blocks folder to see the devices available.

Overview of the Audio Effect Building Blocks

  • Max AutoPanner : A auto-panning utility
  • Max BalanceDualMono : A (dual) mono balance utility
  • Max BalanceStereo : A stereo balance utility
  • Max Chorus : A comb filter for chorus effects
  • Max CombFilter : A stereo comb filter with pitch control
  • Max CutHacker : A signal hacker that can be synced to Live's transport
  • Max Degrader : Signal quality reducer
  • Max DelayLine : A stereo delay line with feedback
  • Max EqParametric1 : A one-band parametric filter
  • Max GainDualMono : A (dual) mono gain utility
  • Max GainStereo : A stereo gain utility
  • Max MixDualMono : A (dual mono) plugin mixing utility
  • Max MixStereo : A (stereo) plugin mixing utility
  • Max MsMatrix : Implementing a popular audio algorithm: a "MS stereo matrix"
  • Max Overdrive : A simple distortion object
  • Max PanDualMono : A (dual) mono panpot utility
  • Max PanStereo : A stereo panpot utility
  • Max PeakLimiter : A stereo peak limiter object
  • Max RingMod : Low-tech ring modulator
  • Max RingModDual : Low-tech ring modulator (dual version)
  • Max SignalViewers : Graphic signal monitoring and conversion

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