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Max For Live Essentials

The Max for Live Essentials Live Pack contains a collection of audio effects, MIDI effects, drum synthesizers and control devices for Ableton Live. The collection includes:

  • Bass: a bass synthesizer with multi-oscillator mixing and integrated distortion voicing
  • Poli: a virtual analog polysynth with detunable oscillators and a built-in chorus effect
  • Multi: a multi-voiced synthesize with unique randomized voicing system
  • DrumSynth: a collection of 13 Max for Live instruments that use synthesis to produce a wide variety of electronic drum and percussion sounds.
  • Buffer Shuffler 2.0: an update of a Max for Live devices originally released with Max for Live 1.0. It is an audio effect that reads incoming audio on Live audio track into a buffer and divides the buffer into a user-definable number of slices. You can change the order in which steps are played back, the direction of playback, and reorder playback on the fly using the user interface.
  • Convolution Reverb Suite: A Max for Live device that offers high-quality convolution using Impulses taken from real spaces or analog/digital hardware. Drop an impulse (or a single channel of a true stereo impulse stored as two stereo files ending with L and R) to load it in the convolution engine. Offline control is offered over the decay time and size of the virtual space. The predelay time, width of the reverb, and levels can be controlled in real time. The Convolution Reverb Pro is similar to the Convolution Reverb, but adds more advanced features such as realtime EQ, virtual positioning, modulation, frequency-dependent damping, and shape controls. The IR Measurement Device lets you load your own Impulse responses
  • Pitch Drop: A simple device that simulates a vinyl record slowing to a stop
  • Arp: an advanced pattern-based MIDI Arpeggiator that can sort, repeat and transpose incoming MIDI notes in various ways, while controlling a number of other parameters such as note length, velocity and more.
  • Mono Sequencer: An analog-inspired step sequencer with independent phases for parameters such as pitch, octave, velocity, repeat and gate.
  • Instant Haus: a beat generator optimized for house music or broken beats and comes with a large variety of patterns for both styles
  • NoteEcho: a MIDI echo with a number of unique features
  • MIDI Effects and Control Devices: A collection of devices that include an LFO, and an Envelope Follower that function to modulate control parameters in a Live Set.

Live Suite owners can download this Live Pack by choosing Your Account > Your Packs when logged in to the Ableton website and clicking on the download button to the Live Pack. To install the Live Pack, double-click on the .alp file

The pack can also be retrieved using the Available Packs link in the Places folder of the Live browser.

In addition, you can also download copies of the original "Big Three" devices originally released with Max For Live 1.0 as a Live pack. You may find them to be useful programming examples, in addition to being a lot of fun.

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