64-bit Limitations

64-bit Issues in Max

With Max 8, 32-bit operating systems are no longer supported. As a result, some technologies and objects that were available in earlier versions of Max may be unavailable.


QuickTime is unavailable under 64-bit Windows, and has reduced functionality in 64-bit MacOS. Therefore, objects and functions that were based on QuickTime capabilities are not supported, including:

  • jit.avc
  • jit.broadcast
  • jit.qt.effect~
  • jit.qt.broadcast
  • jit.videoout
  • spigot~

Codec support for the Macintosh AVF engine is limited. The known supported codecs are:

  • H264
  • Photo-Jpeg
  • ProRes

3rd Party Externals

3rd party externals require conversion to 64-bit equivalents by the developer. 32-bit externals cannot be used by the 64-bit Max application.

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