New Gen Features

New Gen Features

New features have been added to Gen to support MC as well as to make integration of Gen easier with the remainder of your Max patching. The changes include:

The addition of new Gen objects

Several new objects were created to extend the functionality of Gen. These include mcs.gen~, mc.gen~, mc.gen, and gen. These additions are covered in more detail in the Using MC with Gen and Event-handling with MC guides.

Using @expr to create simple Gen patches

You can use the @expr attribute when instantiating a gen, gen~, mc.gen~ or mcs.gen~ object to create a Gen object with the attribute's GenExpr code used as the hosted patch. This can be very useful for simple formula-based functions.

Using the @hot attribute for event-based gen

By default, the gen event-based Gen patcher will use its first inlet as a "hot" inlet triggering Gen processing and output. By using the @hot attribute, you can set any other inlet to be "hot" as well.