Operate While Unlocked

Operate While Unlocked Mode

Operate While Unlocked mode allows you to adjust user interface objects while you are patching. Sliders, dials, and other controls are all active in this mode, which can further blur the line between ‘programming’ and ‘performing’ and provide a streamlined way of creating performance interfaces.

Switching between Operate While Unlocked and Normal Patching Modes

  • Click on the Operate While Unlocked button on the toolbar at the bottom of the patcher window.

When a patcher is in Operate While Unlocked mode, the button in the Patcher toolbar will be highlighted.

Selecting Object in Operate While Unlocked Mode

Since clicking on user interface objects no longer selects them, you have to utilize other actions, including the following:

  • Shift+click will select an individual object.
  • Clicking on the border of an object will select it.
  • You can select one or more objects by mouse-dragging over them.
  • To perform actions with UI objects that require the option key, hold down the option and command keys.