Navigating the Patcher window

Navigating the Patcher window

The visible space in a patcher window is only a portal into a much larger space you can use when programming with Max. You can zoom in or out on a portion of the patcher you're working on, to view specific areas of a very large patcher.

Zooming In/Out on a Patcher

To zoom into or out of a portion of your patch, you can:

  • Choose Zoom In or Zoom Out from the View menu.
  • Command-click and scroll (using a trackpad or mouse wheel) on the patcher window.
  • In an unlocked patcher, pinch to zoom in or out. There is no limit to how far pinching will zoom in, but it will only zoom out to a maximum of 100%.
  • Select a zoom level from the Zoom menu at the top-left of the patcher window.

When you zoom in on a patch beyond 100%, scroll bars will appear on the right and bottom edges of the Patcher Window.

Note that the scale at which you zoom in our out is the same for both Patching and Presentation modes.

  • To return to the default (100%) view, choose Show At 100% from the View menu.

Viewing other parts of your patcher

  • If the scroll bars are displayed, you can use them to move to other parts of the patcher.
  • Use a scroll wheel or trackpad (click-scroll) to move within the patcher.
  • Shift-command click-and-drag on an empty part of the patcher to drag the patcher view.

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