Project Search Path Example

Project Search Path Example

Open "ProjectSearchPath.maxzip" in Max

The ProjectSearchPath Project is a simple illustration of the power of the Project search path. When the main patcher opens, you should see the image shown below in Max. This is the Project-local copy of the file chilis.jpg.

There happens to be a version of this file shipped with Max (located in the patches/media folder). In the Project window, right-click on the entry for chilis.jpg and select "Use Global Version".

When you now close and reopen the main patcher (from the Project window), you'll see that it now uses the global version of the file, as requested.

The Project-local version of chilis.jpg will only be found by this Project and is isolated from the rest of Max. This allows you to maintain Project-specific versions of patchers and media which won't interfere with your other patchers and Projects.

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