Max lets you use and create prototypes—user interface object that are saved with a commonly used combination of settings that you would otherwise set one at a time in the object’s Inspector (this is particularly useful with those user interface objects that have a large number of settings). You can retrieve a pre-existing prototypes with a few clicks rather than laboriously copying, cutting and pasting from your old patchers.

You can also create prototypes in your own UI design “style” and have them on hand for quick user interface prototyping

You can use the Object action menu to view your current prototypes and apply their styles to a selected object.

Creating a prototype

  • In a new patcher window, instantiate any UI object. click on the object to select it, and then click on the Inspector icon in the toolbar to show the Inspector. Set the parameters (size, color, hints, add to presentation) for each attribute of your prototype by double-clicking in the Value column and inputting text values, using the Color palette or checking boxes.
  • Choose Save Prototype... from the Object menu A file dialog box will appear. Type a name for your prototype into the text box and click on the OK button. The prototype will now be available in the Prototypes section of the Object action menu.

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