RNBO Resources

RNBO Resources

What is RNBO?

RNBO is a library and toolchain that can take Max-like patches and export them as portable code. It can directly compile that code to targets like a VST, a Max External, or a Raspberry Pi. RNBO's goal is to give you the best of Max—rapid iteration, creative exploration—with the freedom to take the resulting work and use it outside of Max.


A wide variety of RNBO resources are available online at rnbo.cycling74.com .

On this site, guides, videos, and API Documentation have been designed for both experienced Max users and first-time patchers with little to no Max experience. The site is broken up into three main sections:


The Learn section contains the bulk of RNBO's supplementary guides and video tutorials. Some notable introductory topics include

Learn also contains guides on utilizing RNBO's core features, such as audio, MIDI, parameters, buffers, delays, and gen~, as well as information on code export, export targets, and several template projects. Advanced topics in Learn include tutorials on working with CodeBox, sample accurate patching, and additional toolchains for the Raspberry Pi.


Explore focuses on topics related RNBO's various export targets. This section features


The Reference section contains functional information about all of RNBO's objects and operators. It also holds the documentation for RNBO's C++ and JavaScript APIs, to help you integrate your exported RNBO devices into a C++ or JavaScript project.

Quick-Start Patch and Tutorial

To get started, see our Quick-Start Patch and Tutorial to build a great-sounding synthesizer that you can export as a VST Audio Plugin.