The search system in Max 8 combines information from the internal database with online sources to provide useful integrated results. By combining help and reference information with options from examples, packages and even the Max forum, the search system offers a deeper view into the tools available to solve problems.

  • Click on the Show Search Sidebar button on the toolbar in the right toolbar or the patcher.
  • Enter an object name, function or other search text into the entry box; the results will be show in the sidebar.
  • Click the Search Button again, or click the Close button, to close the Search pane.

Results are grouped by the content type; the list includes information from the application and the website.

If there is more information available for any content type, a ‘Show more results’ link will allow this content to be loaded. When this link is selected, the pane will show only content of that type, and will display as many results as possible.

You can see more information about any entity in the Details Pane at the bottom of the Search Pane.

  • Toggle the Details Pane using the button at the bottom-left of the Search Pane.

Using Search Content

  • Drag an object from the search pane to instantiate it in your patcher.
  • Double-click on a documentation entry to reveal it in the documentation browser.
  • Drag a patcher or snippet into your patcher to create a subpatcher with that content.
  • Drag an audio file onto your patcher to create a playlist~ object containing that image.
  • Drag an image onto your patcher to create an fpic object containing that image.
  • Drag a movie file onto your patcher to create a jit.playlist containing that movie.
  • Drag a plug-in file onto your patcher to instantiate a vst~ or amxd~ object with the selected plug-in.
  • Double-click on a forum post or website article to open it in a web browser.

Where does search look?

Search text is gathered from the following locations:

  • Files in the Max Search Path,
  • Files activein the Max Package Manager,
  • The Cycling ‘74 Website (articles and forum posts)

Text is retrieved from the following content:

  • Object textual information and reference files,
  • In-app documentation, including guides, topics and tutorials,
  • Gen objects and textual information,
  • Patches, clippings, projects and snippets,
  • VST, AudioUnit and AMXD plug-ins,
  • Scripts (javascript and lua), program, data and media files,
  • Available packages (from the Package Manager Server),
  • The forum and articles