Creating Subpatchers

Creating Subpatchers

A subpatcher is a good way to organize your work. It can hide messy details from the top level of your patcher or clarify the function of a group of objects.

Creating a subpatcher

  • In an unlocked patcher window, type n to create a blank object box.
  • Type a p followed by a space, and the name you want to give your subpatcher.
  • Click anywhere outside the object box in the Patcher window. A new patcher window will open. Since you gave your subpatcher a name by typing an argument into the object box, the name you typed will be shown at the top of the subpatcher window.

When you save your main patch, the subpatcher is saved as part of the same document. If the subpatcher window is open when the document is saved, it will also be open the next time you open the main patch.

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