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Send 1 when patcher window is active, 0 when inactive


active will output a 1 when the Patcher window becomes active (i.e., it is the front-most window and its title bar is highlighted), and output a 0 when the Patcher window becomes inactive. You can use this to change the user interface of your window. For example, messages from the key object can be turned off when the window is made inactive.




int internal-messaging [int]
There are no inlets. Output is triggered automatically when the patcher window is activated or deactivated.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


int: When the patcher window that contains active is activated, active sends out 1. When the window is made inactive, active sends out 0.


Turn on a process or open a gate when the window is made active

See Also

Name Description
closebang Send a bang when patcher window is closed
loadbang Send a bang automatically when a patcher is loaded
loadmess Send a message when a patch is loaded