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Send a message when a patch is loaded


Output is triggered automatically when the file is opened, or when the patch is part of another file that is opened.


Name Type Opt Description
message symbol Any arguments you type into a loadmess object are treated as a message to be sent when output is triggered.


bang Sending a bang message to a loadmess object causes it to output its typed message.
(mouse) Double-clicking on a loadmess object causes it to output its typed message.
set message [list]
The word set followed by any message will set the message held by loadmess without any output. (Can be used for output in conjunction with bang.)


Name Type g/s Description
defer int
When enabled, the output of the loadmess object is deferred.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


symbol: The loadmess object's typed message is sent automatically when the patch is loaded. As with the loadbang object, you can also cause loadmess to send out its message by double-clicking on it in a locked patcher, or by sending a loadbang message to a thispatcher object in the same patcher. Holding down the Shift and Command keys on Macintosh or Shift and Control keys on Windows while a patch is loading prevents loadmess objects in that patch from sending any output.


The same thing as loadbang and a message box for extremely lazy people...

See Also

Name Description
active Send 1 when patcher window is active, 0 when inactive
button Flash on any message, send a bang
closebang Send a bang when patcher window is closed
freebang Send a bang when patcher is freed
loadbang Send a bang automatically when a patcher is loaded
thispatcher Send messages to a patcher