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Select a color using a modal dialog


The colorpicker object uses an Operating System color picker dialog that lets you choose a color to be output as a Max RGB color. On the Mac OS, the Color Picker dialog that lets you choose colors in several different color spaces--red-green-blue (RGB), hue-saturation-value (HSV), web-safe colors, and the nostalgia-inducing crayon mode. On Windows, you are presented with a standard color picker dialog, including a selection of basic colors, custom colors, a color swatch and numerical input for red-green-blue (RGB), hue-saturation-luminance (HSL)




bang Same as double-clicking the object.
list RGB or RGBA list [list]
A list of numbers can be used to set the RGB or RGBA color components of the default color that initially appears in the Color Picker dialog when it is opened. A list of four floating poing numbers in the range 0. - 1.0 will specify the default color in RGBA format. For compatibility, a list of three integers in the range 0 - 255 will specify the color in the old style RGB format.
(mouse) Double-clicking the object opens the Color Picker dialog box. If the patcher is unlocked, hold down the Command key on Macintosh or the Control key on Windows while double-clicking to open the dialog.


Name Type g/s Description
compatibility int Sets the output format used by the colorpicker object. When set to zero, the output will be in RGBA format (four floating point numbers in the range 0. - 1.0). Setting this attribute to 1 (the default) will output RGB format (three integer values in the range 0 - 255).

Information for box attributes common to all objects


list: After you open the Color Picker dialog box and make a selection, clicking on the OK button will send a list of the RGB equivalents of the color you selected out the outlet. If you click the Cancel button, no messages are sent.


Display a color or retrieve selected RGB color values

See Also

Name Description
panel Colored background area
swatch Color swatch for RGB color selection and display