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Max window errors as messages


error will report any Max error as a message.




int disable/enable-flag (0 or non-zero) [int]
The error object allows you to catch errors and output them as Max messages. A non-zero number starts the error object "listening" for Max errors. The error object must be listening to produce any output. A 0 turns off listening.
float disable/enable-flag (0 or non-zero) [float]
Converted to int.
error message [list]
The word error followed by any message will send that message out the outlet.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


symbol: Any Max error generated by any object in any patch while the error object is listening is sent out the outlet preceded by the symbol error. The messages are output as individual words so you can check for specific failures.

If you want to strip off the initial error message from the object's output, use a routeerror object. If you want to use the error object's output as a message, put a prependread object between routeerror and the object that will process the error message.


Intercept error messages

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