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Inquire about the current system


gestalt uses the Macintosh function "Gestalt" to return information about the current hardware and software. For a list of Gestalt selectors and responses consult Apple developer documentation. On Windows, this function is emulated, and may consequently report slightly different, though meaningful, information.




bang A bang message causes gestalt to repeat its previous output.
anything selector [list]
Performs the same function as symbol.
symbol selector [symbol]
The symbol message containing a Gestalt selector will return the appropriate system specific information. Some sample selectors are "sysv" to return the system version and "qtim" to return the quicktime version.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


int: Out left outlet If there was no error in obtaining the response to a selector to the object, the response is sent out the left outlet. Binary or hex display and/or the use of the bitwise and operator & may aid in interpreting the response.

Out right outlet: If there was an error in obtaining the response to a selector, an error code is sent out the right outlet. Refer to Apple developer documentation for a complete list of error codes. If the input selector was undefined, -1 is sent out. If there was no error, 0 is sent out.


gestalt can give you info about the system in use and info about hardware features

See Also

Name Description
screensize Output the monitor size