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Output the monitor size


screensize reports the resolution to which the computer's monitor is currently set.
Note: The Max 5 screensize object on Windows now behaves as it does on the Macintosh - it outputs the screen's size rather than its bounding coordinates. While this may cause off-by-one errors in patches that use the screensize object on Windows, fixing them will guarantee cross-platform compatibility for your patches.




bang Triggers the output of the main screen size and total multi-monitor screen bounding rectangle out the outlets.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


list: Out left outlet: The bounding coordinates of the main screen: left is first, followed by top, right, and bottom.

Out right outlet: The bounding coordinates of all monitors. If there is only one monitor, the output will be the same as with the left outlet.


screensize reports the coordinates of the main and total screen areas

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