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Output received MIDI real time messages


rtin receives and outputs MIDI real time messages transmitted from a specified MIDI input device.


Name Type Opt Description
MIDI-port (a through z) symbol opt Specifies the port from which to receive incoming MIDI real time messages. If there is no argument, rtin receives from port a (or the first input port listed in the MIDI Setup dialog.)


anything MIDI-input-port (a through z) [list]
Performs the same function as port but without need for the word, "port".
(mouse) Double-clicking on an rtin object shows a pop-up menu for choosing a MIDI port or device.
(MIDI) The rtin object receives its input from a MIDI real-time message received from a MIDI input device.
port MIDI-port [symbol]
The word port, followed by a letter a-z or the name of a MIDI input port or device, sets the port from which the object receives incoming MIDI messages. The word port is optional and may be omitted.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


int: MIDI real time messages (MIDI clock, start, stop, and continue) received from the specified port are sent out the outlet.


MIDI real time messages can be used to synchronize Max with external events

See Also

Name Description
clocker Report elapsed time, at regular intervals
metro Output a bang message at regular intervals
midiin Output received raw MIDI data
seq Sequencer for recording and playing MIDI data