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Output received raw MIDI data


midiin will listen to a specified MIDI port and output the raw MIDI data received.


Name Type Opt Description
MIDI-port (a through z) symbol opt Specifies the port from which to receive incoming MIDI messages. If there is no argument, midiin receives from port a (or the first input port listed in the MIDI Setup dialog.)


anything MIDI-port (a through z) [list]
Performs the same functions as port.
(mouse) Double-clicking on a midiin object shows a pop-up menu for choosing a MIDI port or device.
(MIDI) The midiin object receives all MIDI messages from a MIDI input device.
port MIDI-port (a through z) [symbol]
The word port, followed by a letter a- z or the name of a MIDI input port or device, sets the port from which the object receives incoming MIDI messages. The word port is optional and may be omitted.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


int: All MIDI messages received from the specified port are sent out the outlet, byte-by-byte. Note that midiin does not "clean up" any use of running status in the incoming MIDI stream.


MIDI messages received in a port are output by a midiin object

See Also

Name Description
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midiparse Interpret raw MIDI data
midiinfo Set a pop-up menu with names of MIDI devices
notein Output received MIDI note messages
rtin Output received MIDI real time messages
sysexin Output received MIDI system exclusive messages
xnotein Interpret MIDI note messages with release velocity
xbendin Interpret extra precision MIDI pitch bend values
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