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Access audio driver output channel


adoutput~ can be used to record the current audio output, or to feed it back into your patcher. The output of adoutput~ is delayed by one signal vector with respect to the actual output. By default adoutput~ outputs the audio driver's channel 1 out its left outlet and channel 2 out its right outlet. Optional arguments specify the channels you want. Remember, these are not the logical channels used by dac~ and adc~-- they are the audio driver object's "real" channels. A channel number of 0 turns off an output. Channel numbers higher than the number of real channels of the current audio driver also result in a zero output.


Name Type Opt Description
audiodriver-output-channels int opt The arguments specify output channels of the current audiodriver. There is no limit to the number of channels you can specify. By default, adoutput~ creates two outlets and assigns the audio output from channels 1 and 2 of the current audiodriver to them. Note that these channel numbers are not the same as the logical channel numbers used by the dac~ and adc~ objects, but represent the "physical" outputs of the driver after any remapping has taken place. You configure the relationship between logical dac~ channels and the audiodriver's real channels with the I/O Mappings subwindow of the DSP Status window.


set outlet-index [int]
audiodriver-output-channel-index [int]
The word set, followed by two numbers, assigns an audio driver output channel to a signal outlet of the adoutput~ object. The first number is the index of the outlet, where a value of 0 refers to the left outlet. The second number is the index of the audio driver output device channel where 1 refers to the first channel. If the second number is 0, the specified outlet is turned off and outputs a zero signal.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


signal: Each outlet of adoutput~ outputs a signal from the assigned audiodriver channel, delayed by the number of samples of the current signal vector size.


Capture the output of physical DAC channels to record/re-process the output of your patch

See Also

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