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Frequency domain frequency shifter for pfft~


The fbinshift~ object implements a frequency-domain frequency shifter. It works by shifting the frequency bins of an FFT'd signal, hence its name (a shortened form of "frequency-bin shifter"). All the frequencies of the complex input signal are shifted by the Hertz value speified. Positive Hertz values shift upward, whereas negative values shift downward. The fbinshift~ object must be used inside a pfft~; outside a pfft~ it does nothing.


Name Type Opt Description
frequency-shift (Hz) float opt A numerical argument will be used as the frequency shift in Hertz. The default is zero.
frequency-shift (Hz) int Converted to float .


signal In left inlet: The signal present at the left inlet is the real part of a frequency-domain signal coming from a fftin~ object inside a pfft~.

In middle inlet: The signal input to the middle inlet is the imaginary part of a frequency-domain signal coming from a fftin~ object inside a pfft~. Both real and imaginary inputs must be connected for the fbinshift~ to work.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


signal: The output is the frequency shifted complex signal. The left outlet is the real component, and the right outlet is the imaginary component. These may be connected to the real and imaginary inputs of a fftout~ object inside a pfft~.


Using fbinshift~ inside a pfft~ subpatch

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