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Control a ReWire host's transport


hostcontrol~ allows you to send commands to the ReWire host to start and stop the transport, set the transport position, change the tempo, change the time signature, and set loop points.

Note: To use hostcontrol~, make sure to choose the ad_rewire driver in the DSP Status window.




int playback-flag (1 or 0) [int]
1 starts playing from the beginning. 0 stops playing and resets the position to the beginning.
bpm host-tempo (beats-per-minute) [float]
The word bpm, followed by a number (in beats per minute), changes the host's tempo.
loop state (0 or nonzero) start (1-PPQ-ticks) and end (1-PPQ-ticks) [list]
The word loop, followed by one or three numbers, controls the host's loop state. If the first number is non-zero, looping will be enabled; otherwise, it will be turned off. An optional second and third number may be used to specify the loop start and end points, expressed in 1 PPQ ticks. If the second and third numbers are not present, the loop points are not changed.
pause The word pause stops playback without changing the current position.
resume The word resume starts playback from the current position.
seek transport-position (1-PPQ-ticks) [float]
The word seek, followed by a number specifying ticks (in 1 PPQ), sets the current transport position. For example, to seek to the start of the fifth measure if the time signature is 4/4 the send the message "seek 16".
tempo host-tempo (samples-per-beat) [float]
The word tempo, followed by a number (in samples per beat), changes the host's tempo.
timesig host-time-signature (numerator) [int]
host-time-signature (denominator) [int]
The word timesig, followed by two numbers that specify numerator and denominator values, changes the host's time signature. For example, to set the time signature to 3/4 send the message timesig 3 4.

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Rewire: Controls a Rewire host.


See Also

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hostphasor~ Get synchronization signal from a ReWire host
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