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Get synchronization signal from a ReWire host


hostphasor~ outputs an audio-rate sawtooth wave that is sample-synchronized to the beat of the ReWire host sequencer. The waveform can be fed to other audio objects to lock audio processes to the audio of the ReWire host. For example, try driving techno~ with hostphasor~ for instant accompaniment of your favorite sequence.

Note: To use hostphasor~, make sure to choose the ad_rewire driver in the DSP Status window.



Information for box attributes common to all objects


signal: The output of hostphasor~ is analogous to phasor~: it ramps from 0 to 1.0 over the period of a beat. If the current host environment does not support synchronization or the ReWire host's transport is stopped, the output of hostphasor~ is a zero signal.


See Also

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