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Sample playback without interpolation


index~ reads data from a buffer~ (of the same name) by a signal sample index. It does no interpolation on its output. It can be used for fft-windowing applications using the right outlet of fft~ or ifft~.


Name Type Opt Description
buffer-object-name symbol Obligatory. Names the buffer~ object whose sample memory is used by index~ for playback.
buffer-channel-to-index int opt Following the name of the buffer~, you may specify which channel to use within the associated buffer~. The default channel is 1.


(mouse) Double-clicking on index~ opens an editing window where you can view the contents of its associated buffer~ object.
set buffer-object-name [symbol]
The word set, followed by the name of a buffer~ object, causes index~ to read from that buffer~.
signal In left inlet: The sample index to read from a buffer~ object's sample memory.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


signal: The output consists of samples at the sample indices specified by the input. No interpolation is performed if the input sample index is not an integer.


Look up specific samples in the buffer~ using index~

See Also

Name Description
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fft~ Fast Fourier transform
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