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Report the maximum amplitude of a signal


peakamp~ monitors an incoming signal and reports the absolute value of the peak amplitude of the signal it has received since the last time it was reported.


Name Type Opt Description
data-output-interval (milliseconds) int opt Sets the internal clock interval, in milliseconds. If it is 0, the internal clock is not used, so peakamp~ will only output data when it receives a bang message. If it is non-zero, peakamp~ will repeatedly send out the peak amplitude received in that interval of time. By default, the interval is 0.


bang In left inlet: Sends out a report of the greatest (absolute value) signal amplitude received since the previous report.
signal In left inlet: Signal to be evaluated for its peak amplitude.

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float: When peakamp~ receives a bang or its internal clock is on, the absolute value of the peak signal value from the input signal is sent out its outlet.


Report the maximum of a signal's absolute value

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