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Creating Devices
When you use Max for Live to create new devices, you always begin from a basic template - a Max device that contains the necessary Max objects for receiving and transmitting audio or MIDI data to and from other devices in the Devices area of a Live track.
When you edit a Max device, you launch the Max application, but you can continue to listen to your device in Live as you edit it thanks to a feature known as preview mode. More information about preview mode.
When your Max for Live device is complete, you can save it (along with any presets you may wish to create) in a central library that allows you to load your patch or preset from the Live File browser at any time in the future.

Creating a New Device

Saving a New Device

Copying Examples
Max for Live contains a number of helpful examples and tutorials that you can use as starting points for your own investigations or creations. Any time you open one of these devices and decide to modify its contents, you should save your work as a copy of the existing patches that come with Max for Live to avoid problems associated with overwriting the original devices.

Copying a Device