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attrui Reference

Inspect attributes



Use attrui object to inspect the attribute values of the object(s) it is connected to.




align [atom]!

Sets the text alignment mode. Alignment modes are:
0 left (the default)
1 center (1)
2 right alignment (2)

attr [symbol] (default: nothing)

Set the name of the inspected attribute. You can also click in the attribute name to display a popup menu which contains every common attributes.

attr_display [int] (default: 0)

Attribute Display

Possible values:

0 = 'Name'
1 = 'Label'

attrfilter [64 symbols] (default: none)

Set the names of the attribute you want to display in the popup menu. This is particularly useful for objects which have a lot of attributes.

bgcolor [4 floats]

Set the background color

displaymode [int] (default: 0)

Set the way of displaying the attribute value

Possible values:

0 = 'Automatic'
1 = 'Single Number (int)'
2 = 'Single Number (float)'
3 = 'Multi Number (int)'
4 = 'Multi Number (float)'
5 = 'List'
6 = 'Color (RGBA)'
7 = 'Color (ARGB)'
8 = 'Checkbox'

htricolor [4 floats]

Set the highlighted triangle color (when the numbers are focused)

lock [int] (default: 0)

Prevent you from changing the attribute by clicking in the attribute name

Menu Display

Possible values:

0 = 'Label'
1 = 'Name'
2 = 'Label & Attribute'

orientation [atom_long] (default: 0)

Display attrui horizontally or vertically

Possible values:

0 = 'Horizontal'
1 = 'Vertical'

showcaption [int]

Display attribute label on mouse over

style [symbol] (default: )7.0.0

Sets the style to be applied to the object. Styles can be set using the Format palette.

text_width [float] (default: 100.)

Set the with of the attribute name in horizontal mode. You can also click and drag in the middle line to change it.

textcolor [4 floats]

Set the text color

textjustification [int] (default: 0)7.0.0

Text Justification

Possible values:

0 = 'left'
1 = 'center'
2 = 'right'

tricolor [4 floats]

Set the color of the triangles.

Common Box Attributes




input [int]
Set the value of the currently selected attribute to every objects attrui is connected to.



input [float]
See the int listing



input [any]
See the int listing



input [any]
See the int listing


Click in the attribute name to choose an attribute from the popup menu to inspect (only the common attribute for every connected object appears). Interact with the numbers, text input to change the value(s) of the selected attribute.

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