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jit.desktop Reference

Copy the display into a matrix



Grabs the contents of the computer display, taking a screen shot of whatever lies at the specified screen coordinates and placing that data into a Jitter matrix.


Matrix Operator

matrix inputs:0, matrix outputs:1
Name IOProc Planelink Typelink Dimlink Plane Dim Type
out n/a 1 1 1 4 2 char

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The Jitter MOP

MOP Arguments

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rect [4 ints]

Coordinates of the computer display to copy into a Jitter matrix. The display area is specified by four ints corresponding to the x and y pixel offsets from the upper left of the computer screen followed by the the x and y values offset from the upper left of the computer screen of the bottom right corner of the matrix (default = 0 0 320 240).

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