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Create images from images



Divides a matrix sent into the left inlet into a grid with a specified number of rows and columns. Each box in the grid contains a scaled-down representation of the overall matrix. Each box is then tinted so that the overall image resembles a second matrix (sent into the right inlet). If the same image is used in both inputs, the result is a self-similar (or meta-) image.



Additional features such as threshold inversion, scalar tinting, and a choice of additive or multiplicative tinting are supported. There are also four modes that switch between color and monochrome treatment of the two matrices.

Matrix Operator

matrix inputs:2, matrix outputs:1
Name IOProc Planelink Typelink Dimlink Plane Dim Type
in2 resamp 1 1 1 4 1 char
out n/a 1 1 1 4 1 char

More about Matrix Operators

The Jitter MOP

MOP Arguments

MOP Attributes

MOP Messages


blue [float]

The amount of additional scaling applied to the blue channel (plane 3) of the output matrix (default = 0.)

columns [int]

The number of columns in the meta-image (default = 1)

green [float]

The amount of additional scaling applied to the green channel (plane 2) of the output matrix (default = 0.)

inv [int]

Invert color flag (default = 0) When the flag is set, RGB attributes are inverted in regions of the output image that are inverted.

mode [int]

Color mode by which the object tints the output matrix (default = 0 (both matrices color))
0 = both matrices are color
1 = matrix 1 is converted to greyscale
2 = matrix 2 is converted to greyscale
3 = both matrices are converted to greyscale

Possible values:

0 = 'Color Tint Color Frames'
1 = 'Color Tint Monochrome Frames'
2 = 'Monochrome Tint Color Frames'
3 = 'Monochrome Tint Monochrome Frames'

op [int]

The mathematical operation used for tinting (default = 0 (addition))
0 = addition
1 = multiplication

Possible values:

0 = 'Add'
1 = 'Multiply'

red [float]

The amount of additional scaling applied to the red channel (plane 1) of the output matrix (default = 0.)

rows [int]

The number of rows in the meta-image (default = 1)

thresh [float]

The threshold luminosity value around which grid regions in the meta-image are inverted in color (default = -1.01)

tint [int]

Tint mode flag (default = 1) When the flag is set, tinting is based on the second input matrix.

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