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live.line Reference

Straight line



live.line displays a straight line. It is useful for delimiting zones in your interface.





arrows [int] (default: 0)

Sets the display mode for the arrows.

Possible values:

0 = 'None' ( None )
No arrows are displayed

1 = 'Start' ( Start )
Lines are displayed with arrows at their start points

2 = 'End' ( End )
Lines are displayed with arrows at their end points

3 = 'Both' ( Both )
Lines are displayed with arrows at both start and end points

border [float] (default: 1.)

Defines the thickness of the line in pixels

justification [int] (default: 0)

Sets the alignment of live.line object.

Possible values:

0 = 'Left/Top' ( Left/top )
Left/top alignment.

1 = 'Centered' ( Centered )
Centered alignment.

2 = 'Right/Bottom' ( Right/bottom )
Right/Bottom alignment.

3 = 'Xing 1'
4 = 'Xing 2'

linecolor [4 floats]

Sets the line color of live.line object in RGBA format.

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