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mira.frame Reference

Mirror your Max patcher on your iPad



Mira.frame defines a rectangle in the Max patcher that will be mirrored on connected iPad devices. Any Mira-supported objects that fall within the rectangle will be visible on the iPad. Multiple mira.frame objects will be rendered on the iPad as separate tabs. When a mira.frame object exists in a patcher, all Mira-supported objects in the patcher are automatically assigned a scripting name.




aspect [atom_long] (default: 0)

Device Aspect Ratio

Possible values:

0 = 'Mira App'
1 = '4:3'
2 = '3:2'
3 = '16:10'
4 = '17:10'
5 = '16:9'
6 = 'Free'

draw_tab_name [atom_long] (default: 1)

When enabled, mira.frame draws its tab name at the top of the frame rectangle.

miraweb_aspect [atom_long] (default: 1)

Adjust Aspect Ratio for Miraweb

orientation [atom_long] (default: 1)

In portrait mode, mira.frame is taller than it is wide. In landscape mode, mira.frame is wider than it is tall.

Possible values:

0 = 'Portrait'
Portrait orientation

1 = 'Landscape'
Landscape orientation

tabname [symbol] (default: )

The name of the tab

taborder [atom] (default: <none>)

The index of the tab. Tabs with a lower index will appear to the left of tabs with a higher index.

Common Box Attributes



Cause all connected iPads to bring this mira.frame to the front. If mira.frame has no inlet, you can still send it a message using a thispatcher object.

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