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Annotations are explanatory text associated with a specific object. Annotations are viewable when patches are locked or unlocked, and the annotated text is displayed in the Patcher window's Status Bar.

Adding an annotation to an object

  • Select an object and open its Inspector.
  • Double-click on the Annotation attribute under the Description heading. A text box will appear for entering some text (The annotation marker is only visible when a patch is unlocked).
  • When you enter the text, an annotation marker will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the selected object.

  • When you move the mouse over the object you have annotated, your text will be shown in the patchers Clue Window, the Clue Window will change color to indicate that the text refers to an annotation you've made.

Removing an annotation from an object

  • Select an object and open its Inspector.
  • Double-click in the Value column for the Annotation attribute. Remove the text. After you do so the annotation marker will disappear from the selected object.

If you are using the Clue Window rather than the Status Bar, you can set its background and text color when you're displaying an annotation you've added to your patch.

Assigning an annotation color for the Clue Window

  • Choose Preferences from the Max menu (Mac) or the Options menu (Windows) and locate the Clue category.
  • Use the Color Picker to change the color of the Clue Window Background Color setting. When you move the mouse over an object with annotation, the Patcher window's Clue Window will change to the color you've assigned.
  • You may also want to change the color of the Clue Window Text Color setting so that the text contrasts with the background color you've chosen.

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