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The Object Inspector

The object Inspector is used to edit the attributes of Max objects. In addition to providing a complete listings of all attributes associated with a selected Max object, you can use the Inspector to set attributes, perform various patching tasks, and to frozen attributes to save their initial state.

The Object Inspector toolbar provides easy access to patching activities you'll use often.

In addition to the Inspector for Max objects, there is also another Inspector available that lets you set the behavior of your current Patcher itself rather than individual objects in a patch- the Patcher Inspector.

Showing the Object Inspector

There are several ways to show the Inspector window for an object:

  • If the Sidebar is not already visible, click on the Inspector button in the right patcher toolbar to show the object Inspector.
  • Position the mouse on the left side of the object until the object action menu appears and choose Inspector from the pop-up menu.

  • Select an object or multiple objects in your patcher window by Shift-clicking or clicking and dragging an outline around the objects and click the Inspector button in the right patcher toolbar. When you open the object inspector on multiple objects, only the attributes shared by the objects are shown.

For information about editing attributes using the object Inspector, click here.

For information about freezing attributes, click here.

For information about patching using the Inspector, click here.

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