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Key Commands

You can use a single key press to create objects in a patcher, as follows:

  • b: button
  • c: comment
  • f: floating point number box.
  • i: integer number box.
  • j: object box containing "jit." for creating Jitter objects.
  • l: object box containing "live." for creating Live objects.
  • m: message box
  • n: new object box
  • p: A capital letter "p" will create a patcher object.
  • P: A capital letter "P" will create an object box containing the message newobj @presentation 1 @text and a cursor. When you type the name of an object (e.g. dial) and hit a carriage return, the object will transform itself into a copy of the object whose name you type in, and the object will be automatically added to the Presentation Layer.
  • t: toggle.
  • x: shows a menu describing the key commands.

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