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Using pattr in Live Devices

Live-specific user interface objects such as live.dial save their state within Live documents and presets. If you want to use standard Max objects and have them interact with Live, you will have to make use of the parameter mode features of pattr objects. The first step to enable parameter mode in a pattr object.

Enabling Parameter Mode

  • Select a pattr object and click the Inspector button in the Patcher toolbar to show the object's Inspector.
  • Click the Parameter tab at the top of the inspector window to show the Parameter attributes.
  • Check the Parameter Mode Enable checkbox.
  • Once you've enabled Parameter Mode, you can use the other parameter settings.

The autopattr object does not work with Max for Live's parameter system

The autopattr object provides an easy to way manage the state of standard Max objects, but it will not work with the parameter system, so objects that are attached to an autopattr will not be seen by Live. If you want a pattr parameter to appear for modulation etc, you will need to add a pattr object for each instance.

Differences between Max and Max for Live usage of pattr and pattrstorage objects

Although the pattr objects can be used in the context of Max for Live, there are some differences as compared to normal Max use. Please read the appropriate section in the document Limitations of Max for Live for more information.

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