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The Sidebar

The Sidebar is a helpful 'drawer' that contains combines the functionality of several different Windows in earlier versions of Max. You can display or hide the Sidebar at will, and choose what you'd like to see when you display the Sidebar.

Showing the sidebar

The Sidebar has a set of buttons that let you display different Max panels you will find useful as you patch. The Max application keeps track of the most recently displayed tab. That same tab will be shown the next time you display the Sidebar.

  • The Inspector button displays the Inspector for any currently selected object, along with its toolbar in the Sidebar.
  • The Reference button displays a searchable reference panel and a toolbar similar to the Documentation window toolbar you can use to explore the messages and attributes of any currently selected object, along with a listing of other related Max objects. in the Sidebar.
  • The Max Console button displays the Max Console along with its toolbar in the Sidebar.
  • The Max Lessons button displays a selection of interactive lessons that will help you learn to use Max.

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