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Object Defaults

When you launch Max, the colors for all Max objects are set to default values. You can change the look of individual objects using object's Inspector, and you can use the Patcher Inspector to set the background color for a patcher window in both its locked and unlocked states.

Max lets you use Patcher-level formatting to apply consistent color schemes to the Max patching environment. You can save these files as Max Templates and use them as you patch. You can also set a Template to be your the default Template that will be used each time you launch Max.

On a per-object basis, you can also apply Styles to Max objects as you patch.

Note: Patcher-level formatting and the use of styles does not apply to all Max objects (e.g. Max for Live user interface objects). You can use the object prototype feature to create customized versions of these objects to maintain a consistent look to your patches.

Reverting to the default object colors

  • In an unlocked patcher window, select the objects you want to revert. Choose Set To Default Values from the Object menu. All colors of all objects will be restored to their original default values.

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