jit.mo.time Reference

Outputs float time values using specified mode for realtime animation






start [float64]

Line function start (default = -1.0).

offset [float64]

Output offset (default = 0.0).

loop [long]

Enable and disable phase looping when animating (default = 1). Animation can be reset by setting phase to 0

phase [float64]

Output phase offset (default = 0.0). Setting this to 0 will restart an animation

freq [float64]

Function frequency (default = 1.0). Specified in Hz

delta [float64]

Frame delta time for animating graph (default = 0.0). When automatic enabled this value is set automatically by the render context.

function [symbol]

The fuction type used when mode = function (default = line). Line generates linear interpolated values between start and end values, sin outputs a sine function, saw gives a phasor-like repeating ramp, and perlin uses a Perlin Noise function

period [long]

The period length for the perlin noise function (default = 8).

end [float64]

Line function end (default = 1.0).

scale [float64]

Output multiplier (default = 1.0).

interval [time]

Animation interval (default = 0 ms). This attribute uses the Max time format syntax, so the interval can be either fixed or tempo-relative.When set to a non-zero value, the speed attribute is no longer user settable, and will be automatically set based on the interval value.

speed [float64]

Animation speed multiplier (default = 1.0).

loopreport [long]

Enable animation loop reporting (default = 0). When enabled the symbol loopnotify is sent out the dumpout when the animation loops.

rand_amt [float64]

Scales the random offset value (default = 0.0).

mode [symbol]

How time output is calculated (default = accum). The different modes are accum, function, and delta. Accum provides accumulated running time. Function uses the specified function attribute to generate a periodic function and can be used to generate float LFOs and ramps in sync with the animation graph. Delta gives the amount of time between frames, which is useful for driving smooth realtime animations.

enable [long]

Enable function output (default = 1).

Common Box Attributes



Update and output the time or function value when in non-automatic mode.


Reset the accumulated time to 0.

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