jit.str.op Reference

Apply common string operations



Use the jit.str.op object to perform common string operations on string matrices.



A word on Jitter strings: In Jitter, any 1 plane char matrix may be manipulated as a string. String matrices may have one or two dimensions. If 1-dimensional, the string is considered terminated at the first 0 (like in C). If 2-dimensional, the string may be considered a multi-line string, with the first 0 encountered on each row treated as a carriage return. The jit.textfile and jit.str.op objects will accept and output 2D matrices. jit.str.fromsymbol only outputs 1D matrices and jit.str.tosymbol only accepts 1D matrices (or the first row of a 2D matrix).

Most operations input and output a single string matrix. The strcat operation (which concatenates strings) and the strcmp operation (which compares strings) take two input matrices.

Matrix Operator

matrix inputs:2, matrix outputs:1
Name IOProc Planelink Typelink Dimlink Plane Dim Type
in2 adapt 0 0 0 1 1 char
out n/a 1 1 1 1 1 char

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end [2 ints]

The end of the slice when in slice mode (default = 0)

multiline_in [int]

Enables the jit.str.op object to work with 2D matrices, with each row interpreted as a CR-terminated string. If disabled, only the first row of an incoming 2D matrix is used. (default = 1)

multiline_out [int]

Causes the jit.str.op object to convert any CR to the start of a new row in a 2D output matrix and output an 'expanded' 2D matrix. If disabled, a 'collapsed', single-row matrix is output. (default = 0)

op [symbol]

String operation mode (default = strcat) Available modes are:
strcat = Concatenate two strings
strrev = Reverse a string
slice = Output an arbitrary substring as a zero-terminated string
strcmp = Compare two strings lexicographically, returning the difference between the two characters at the point that the strings become dissimilar, as well as the index of that point
strlen = Report the length of a string
toupper = Convert to uppercase
tolower = Convert to lowercase
thru = Properly truncate (if necessary) and terminate string matrix

start [2 ints]

The start of the slice when in slice mode (default = 0)

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