mc.generate~ Reference

Generate Values for a Range of Channels



The mc.generate~ object allows signal-rate updating of MC Wrapper features such as deviate, spread, and harmonic as a trigger signal or parameter inputs change. One wrapper message is assigned as an operator.


initial-parameter-1 [float]


Initial value for parameter 1

initial-parameter-2 [float]


Initial value for parameter 2

initial-parameter-3 [float]


Initial value for parameter 3


chans [int]

The chans attribute sets the number of channels in the output multi-channel signal. If the chans attribute is changed while the audio is on, the number of channels will change when the audio is restarted.

op [symbol]

Use op to select the operator used to generate values. Possible values are deviate, increment, spread, spreadinclusive, spreadexclusive, spreadincludesecond, spreadincludefirst, harmonic, subharmonic, exponential, scaledexponential, and decide. For information on these operators, see the MC Wrapper Messages guide. Possible values:


p1 [float]

Sets the value of the first operator parameter

p2 [float]

Sets the value of the second operator parameter

p3 [float]

Sets the value of the third operator parameter

ramptime [float]

If the ramptime attribute is zero, the values of new operator calculations are output immediately and will be discontinuous with previous values. A non-zero ramptime specifies the number of milliseconds for the output signals to ramp to the newly calculated values. The new values are effectively delayed by the ramp time.

Common Box Attributes



Converted to float


A number in the second inlet sets value of the first parameter. A number in the third inlet sets the value of the second parameter. A number in the right inlet sets the third parameter.


A signal in the left inlet triggers a calculation of the current operator. Signals in the other three inlets set parameter values.