what~ Reference

Generate impulses for a list of audio values




matches [list]


List of threshold values to trigger


input [signal, list]

signal input


impulses [signal]

impulse output

indices [signal]

index of matched audio value

Dynamic Attributes

These attributes can be modified in the code during execution using the set object

clear [bang]

Clear list of values

input [signal, list]

signal input

matches [list] (default: 0)

List of threshold values to trigger

syncupdate [bool] (default: false)

When syncupdate is enabled, messages to change the values to detect do not take effect until the input phasor resets. A reset is defined as a direction reversal in the signal.

triggermode [enum] (default: both)

Determines how triggers are detected in the input signal.

Possible values:

0 = 'ascend'
1 = 'descend'
2 = 'both'
3 = 'equals'

See Also

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