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Getting Started

Going Deeper


Max for Live

When you hit the edit button on a Max for Live device, you enter the world of Max, a visual programming environment for interacting with any kind of media. This documentation describes how to use Max to build your own devices for Live.

Learning Max

If you're new to Max, we recommend a tour of the Max tutorials as your first step to learning about the software. These tutorials cover basic programming, using MIDI, and creating user interfaces. The MSP tutorials cover audio, and the Jitter tutorials cover video and graphics.

Creating with Max for Live

Get inspired to build your own audio effects, MIDI effects, instruments, MIDI Tools, and devices that use the Live API to control the Live application by looking at our Max for Live tutorials and example devices, and don't forget to take some time to amuse yourself with Pluggo for Live - a collection of Audio devices and Instruments derived from Cycling '74's Pluggo plug-in collection.