The Inspector Toolbar

The Inspector Toolbar

The Modify Selected Item button displays the Preferences Toolbar pop-up menu of commands for modifying a selected attribute.

The Show Attribute Names and Hide Attribute Names buttons toggle the display of an additional column in the Inspector that displays the programmatic names for an object's attributes.

The Hide Column Header and Show Column Header buttons toggle the display of the Inspector's column heading.

The Freeze Attribute and Unfreeze Attribute buttons are are used when freezing/unfreezing attributes - storing current attribute values as the saved value of the attribute, immune from any changes to the attribute's value.

The Make Attribute in Patcher button lets you create an atrui object that displays the specified attribute of a selected object.

The Show In Reference button is used to open the Object Reference for a selected object.

The Show Object button will bring the patcher window to the front and highlight the object in your patch.

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