Key Commands

You can use a single key press to create objects in a patcher, as follows (some packages may add additional key commands):

  • a: attrui.
  • b: button.
  • c: comment.
  • f: floating point number box.
  • h: briefly highlights a small area around the cursor.
  • H: A capital letter "H" briefly highlights a larger area around the cursor.
  • i: integer number box.
  • j: object box containing "jit." for creating Jitter objects.
  • l: object box containing "live." for creating Live objects.
  • n: new blank object with the cursor active. Typing the name of any object and pressing enter or clicking outside of the object box will transform it into that object.
  • r: bring up a list of the most recently created objects, including any arguments and attributes typed in. Selecting an element from the list creates an object with the corresponding text and with the cursor active at the far right. Hitting a carriage return or clicking away from the object instantiates the object.
  • p: create an object box containing the message newobj @presentation 1 @text and a cursor. When you type the name of an object (e.g. dial) and hit a carriage return, the object will transform itself into a copy of the object whose name you type in, and the object will be automatically added to the Presentation Layer.
  • s: slider.
  • t: toggle.
  • x: shows a menu describing the key commands, including those added by external packages.
  • z: zooms the patcher in around the cursor.
  • Z: A capital letter "Z" zooms the patcher out around the cursor.

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