Live API Snippets

Live API Snippets

Max contains a set of helpful abstractions that demonstrate how to interact with the Live API in the devices you create. These abstractions provide programming examples and starting points for constructing your own patches that interact directly with the Live application. They are grouped by the part of a Live Session they can access and control.

Finding the Live API example abstractions

The Live API examples can be accessed a few different ways:

  • Use the Max for Live API Snippets Overview patch. This patch lists all of the abstractions currently available by type. Click on the link above, or in the Max menubar, go to Extras->Max for Live API Snippets.
  • Use the Max File Browser. In the Max menubar, go to File->Show File Browser to open the Max File Browser and search for the abstraction in the top search bar. To see a list of all Max for Live abstractions, search for 'package:"Max for Live" tag:abstraction'.
  • Access and use the abstractions via Snippets. In a blank space in a patcher, right-click to bring up a contextual menu. Mouse over 'Paste From', then 'Max for Live', and select the abstraction you wish to use in your patch.
  • Use the links below. If you are reading this documentation within Max you can just click on the links below to open the abstractions.

Global Abstractions

Track Abstractions

Scene Abstractions

Clip Abstractions

Note Abstractions

Device Abstractions

Cue Point Abstractions

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