Multichannel Patchcords

MC Multichannel Patchcords

MC uses patchcords that are able to carry multiple channels of audio simultaneously. This makes it easier to work with audio spatialization, complex synthesis voicings and explicitly polyphonic signals.

Multichannel patchcords are created by using an MC object (such as mc.cycle~) that can generate multichannel output signals. These patchcords have a unique appearance, and you can quickly see how many channels are being used by hovering over the patchcord.

Auto-adding multichannel signals

With standard MSP single-channel patchcords, connecting two signals into a single object inlet will perform a simple mix (via addition) of the two incoming signals. With multichannel patchcords, this is a more complex operation, since the incoming multichannel patchcords may be carrying different numbers of channels.

When multichannel signal patchcords are connected to a single inlet, the resulting signal will contain the number of channels from the patchcord with the greatest number of signals.

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