MC allows multiple channels of audio in a single patchcord. It also supports standard MSP objects operating on many channels of audio at the same time. MC objects typically have an mc. or mcs. prefix.

Visualization objects, like meter~ and scope~ will automatically adapt themselves to multichannel signals present at their inputs.

Existing MSP objects work inside a "Wrapper" that allows them to operate on multichannel signals. Many new objects have also been added to provide multichannel signal manipulation.

MC Categories

MC can be split into several categories:

Spatialization: Working with multiple channels over multiple speakers.

Complexity: Creating more complex patches using MC objects.

Polyphony: Using MC to manage polyphony.

Gen: Dealing with MC signals in Gen.

Events: Generating events for MC objects.

Other MC Topics

Plug-in Support is provided by the mc.vst~, mcs.vst~, mc.amxd~ and mcs.amxd~ objects.

MC Mixing and Panning can take many forms, including up- and down-mixing, multi-speaker panning and advanced routing.

Common Help Files

See Also

Name Description
Sound Processing Techniques Sound Processing Techniques
mc.adc~ Multichannel audio input and on/off
mc.cell Format messages from a jit.cellblock for use with MC objects
mc.channelcount~ Report channel count
mc.combine~ Combine inputs into a multichannel signal
mc.dac~ Multichannel audio output and on/off
mc.degrade~ Signal quality reducer (multichannel)
mc.deinterleave~ Deinterleave a multichannel audio signal
mc.dup~ Create a multichannel signal that duplicates a single-channel input
mc.evolve~ Generate a periodic multichannel function from breakpoint ranges
mc.gradient~ Generate a time-varying function over the space of a multichannel signal
mc.interleave~ Interleave two or more multichannel signals
mc.list~ Create a multichannel signal from a list of values
mc.mixdown~ Mix and pan a multichannel signal
mc.noteallocator~ Manage voice numbers for MIDI note events
mc.pack~ Combine single inputs into a multichannel signal
mc.resize~ Resize a multichannel signal
mc.route Direct output of messages based on an index received
mc.separate~ Split a multichannel signal Format messages to control MC objects
mc.targetlist Format messages based on inlet number for controlling MC objects
mc.unpack~ Split a multichannel signal into single-channel signals
multirange Graphical function breakpoint editor