Multiple Views of a Patcher

Multiple Views of a Patcher

Working with multiple views of a patcher can be useful for a number of tasks:

  • Using patching and presentation mode simultaneously, so you can see the relationship between objects in each mode.
  • Editing a patcher inside a bpatcher
  • Maintaining window with a large patcher zoomed out provide an overview while working at a higher resolution on details.

It's important to note that views are part of the editing environment of Max, not the runtime environment. For example, you cannot save a patcher so that it will open in multiple views.

Creating a new view of a patcher

  • Make the desired patcher the active window.
  • Click on the Patcher Windows icon in the patcher window toolbar and select "New View" from the pull-down menu.

  • A new view of the patcher will open, usually a bit to the right of the existing view. At this point, you can switch the new view to presentation mode, or patching mode, or change its zoom level.

Creating a new view of a bpatcher

  • Ctrl (Mac) or Right-Click the bpatcher object in an unlocked patcher.
  • Choose New View of "patchername" from the Object submenu of the contextual menu that appears. ("patchername" will be the name of the patcher inside the bpatcher.)

  • A new view of the patcher will open.
  • If you want to edit the patcher "live" while watching the effect of your changes in the bpatcher, choose Modify Read-Only from the File menu when the new view is the active window.

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