Max for Live Device Projects

Max for Live Device Projects

All Max for Live devices are Projects, and function as you would expect. There are just a few differences between regular Max projects and Max for Live device projects:

  1. The default location for Max for Live Device Projects is ~/Documents/Max 8/Max for Live Devices (Mac) or (User Folder)\My Documents\Max 8\Max for Live Devices (Win)
  2. Unfreezing a device will unpack the device's assets to the Project's folder, rather than to the "Unfrozen Max Device Files" folder on the Desktop.
  3. Conflicts are now auto-resolved in favor of the Device version (although you can override this in the Resolve Conflicts window if you need to).
  4. The Archive... item in the Manage Project toolbar menu creates a datestamped ".zip" archive of a frozen copy of the current device.
  5. Freezing a device will include all files listed in the Project window (both explicit and implicit items).

Freezing a device which utilizes 3rd party externals will automatically collect and freeze the externals for other Max platforms if they can be found in Max's (or the Project's) search path. For instance, freezing a device which uses myextern.mxe64 on Windows will include myextern.mxo (OSX) externals if they are available. None of these need to be added explicitly to the Project.

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